NHS Board Projected Staff in Post Changes for 2016/17

NHS boards workforce projections for 2016/17, based on staff in post whole time equivalent (WTE).

2. Caveats

The following caveats should be considered when interpreting the data.

  • All data shown in the tables have been provided directly by NHS boards. Baseline data at 31 st March 2016 may differ from ISD Scotland's " NHS Scotland Workforce National Statistics" publication. This may be, for example, due to inconsistencies in how these data are recorded within each NHS board, or data being extracted at different points in time from live systems.
  • Nursing and midwifery interns have been projected by NHS Education for Scotland ( NES), however there are very limited historical data on which to inform trend projection and an inherent uncertainty as to the demand. As individual NHS board's data do not include interns, interns are shown in the overall NHSScotland tables only (Tables 1 and 2).


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