NHS Board Projected Staff in Post Changes for 2016/17

NHS boards workforce projections for 2016/17, based on staff in post whole time equivalent (WTE).

1. Introduction

All NHS boards have been asked to develop Local Delivery Plans ( LDPs) and workforce plans, as well as using workforce workload tools, in order to assess if service redesign or changes in skill mix are required to best meet the needs of their population.

As part of this process, NHS boards have been asked to provide workforce projections for 2016/17. These projections are based on staff in post whole time equivalent ( WTE). The following tables show the potential effect of the processes described above on each NHS board's workforce over the financial year.

In addition, projections for nursing and midwifery interns have been provided by NHS Education for Scotland ( NES). These projections are included in the overall projected change for 2016/17 in NHSScotland.

As with all projections, these figures are estimates and may be subject to change.


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