New Supply Shared Equity (NSSE) scheme: administrative procedures

Operational guidance for registered social landlords and local authorities.

Annexe H

Open market sale

Notes on completion

Please Read These Notes Before Completing The Form. If In Doubt, Please Consult Your Grant Provider.

You should submit a completed form each time a property is sold outright on the open market.

Forms must be submitted to your grant provider within one week of the date of settlement. This allows the grant provider to raise a request for the receipt of sums due to the Scottish Ministers.

You should not enclose any remittances with the form, as the information contained therein will be used by the grant provider to raise a request for the sum that is repayable.

Please Note That This Form Will No Longer Be Required Following The Introduction Of The Housing And Regeneration Payments System ( HARP) And You Should Refer To Assep For Further Information

New Supply Shared Equity scheme – equity stake increase form


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