Suicide prevention strategy development: early engagement - summary report

Summary report of views gathered during the early engagement phase to support development of Scotland's new suicide prevention strategy and action plan 2022.

Notes about the content of this document:

This document contains information gathered during the first stage of engagement for Scotland’s New Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan.

This analysis offers no commentary on the content of participants’ contributions, and as such, some comments may mention areas where work should be carried out but is already happening. At the end of this report, you will find details of work/resources which were highlighted by participants throughout the engagement sessions, no work has been undertaken to establish their effectiveness and therefore their inclusion in this document should not been seen as an endorsement.

This analysis, which was undertaken independently of the Scottish Government, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) and Public Health Scotland (PHS) is being used to inform the development of the new suicide prevention strategy and action plan. This report does not reflect the structure or content of the future strategy and action plan. Information contained will be considered alongside the available evidence of what works to reduce suicide to ensure any actions identified in the next strategy are safe and effective. This will not however, prevent the development of an ambitious strategy and action plan which will provide the opportunity to add to the evidence base.



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