Electricity - necessary wayleaves: guidance for applicants, landowners and occupiers – 2022 update

Guidance on the procedure adopted by the Scottish Ministers in receiving and determining applications by network operators under the Electricity Act 1989 for necessary wayleaves, to retain or place electric lines on land. The guidance was updated in March 2022.

Appendix 1 - Notice To Remove For Use By Landowner And/ Or Occupier

This form is for use by landowners and/ or occupiers who wish to serve notice on an electricity licence holder to remove existing electric lines and associated apparatus from their land.

This form can be used:

a) At any time following service of a notice of termination of a wayleave agreement;

b) At any time after the date falling three months before the date of expiration of an existing wayleave agreement; or

c) Where an existing voluntary wayleaves agreement has expired by reason of a change in ownership or occupation of the land.

Service of this notice will trigger the statutory necessary wayleave process under Schedule 4 of the Electricity Act 1989. You should read the Guidance published by the Scottish Government on the Necessary Wayleave process before completing this form.

3. I hereby give notice to:

Insert name and address of licence holder to whom notice being sent

4. To remove the following existing electric lines and/ or associated apparatus:

Insert details of the electric line and other apparatus to which the notice to remove relates.

This may be done under reference to a plan where available.

Please specify whether the notice relates to all/ some of the lines and/ or apparatus on your land.

5. From the land at:

Insert address of land on which electric line and apparatus is situated, including post code if applicable

6. I enclose a copy of the wayleave for the electric line/ apparatus to which this notice relates; OR I have no record of any wayleave or other agreement for the installation of the electric line/ apparatus to which this notice relates.

Delete as appropriate

7. It is my proposal that all electric lines and apparatus on the land identified above should be removed and replaced with electric line and apparatus at the following alternative location:

This section should only be answered if you want the existing line and/ or apparatus to be relocated. It need not be completed if you would like the line and/ or apparatus to be removed in their entirety. If completing this section, please insert full particulars of any alternative proposed, using a separate sheet if necessary, or mark N/A if no alternative proposed




Email: econsents_admin@gov.scot

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