National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group - Lived Experience Panel Steering Group: terms of reference

Remit and terms of reference for the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group’s (NSPLG) Lived Experience Panel Steering Group.

1. Vision

The vision of the Lived Experience Panel is to ensure that the voice of those with lived experience of suicide is heard and taken seriously by decision makers. The Lived Experience Panel will work alongside the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group to consider specific matters of relevance throughout its work on the 10 actions outlined in the Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

2. Purpose

The role of the Steering Group is to provide ongoing support, guidance and oversight on the progress of the Lived Experience Panel.

3. Membership

  • Toni Groundwater, See Me Scotland (Chair)
  • Lynsey Brown, Scottish Government Policy Team
  • Andy Grierson, Scottish Government/NSPLG
  • Fiona Benton, SAMH
  • Keir McKechnie, SAMH
  • Fiona Drouet, Member of the NSPLG
  • Heather McClelland, Academic Advisory Group
  • Tiago Zortea, Academic Advisory Group

The Chair person will be responsible for chairing Steering Group meetings.

4. Remit

The Steering Group’s role is to provide advice, ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes. This may include such tasks as:

  • Providing input to the development of the lived experience work, including the lessons learned and evaluation of the Lived Experience work against Scottish Government grant guidelines
  • Identifying potential risks
  • Monitoring risks
  • Monitoring timelines
  • Ensuring timely and effective reporting feedback mechanisms are established and working well between the Lived Experience Panel, the Delivery Leads Group and the NSPLG.
  • Providing advice (and sometimes making decisions) about the Lived Experience Panel and work requests
  • Review requests for engagement with the Lived Experience Panel
  • Assisting with wider engagement events and the wider lived experience network
  • Consideration of wellbeing of the Lived Experience Panel and the Co-ordinator throughout the life of the project

The group will work collaboratively with the panel partners to ensure that governance arrangements are met in accordance with the submitted specification.

The group will work closely with NSPLG, the Delivery Leads, Scottish Government and action sponsors and adhere to agreed reporting mechanisms on progress being made.

5. The Chair

The Chair person will be responsible for chairing Steering Group meetings.

The Chair will be supported by the Lived Experience Co-coordinator.

  • Conduct the meeting according to the agenda, ensuring that all members are encouraged to provide relevant input throughout the meeting and that any recommendations are adequately resolved and agreed to by the members
  • Check through the list of action items from the previous meeting
  • Confirm actions taken and issues resolved and agree on how to progress any actions that are not completed.
  • Ensure that all meetings are kept to time and that group members adhere to the agenda to ensure effective coverage of all items.

6. Lifetime of the Group

The group will run for the lifetime of the panel – 2 years initially.

7. Frequency of Meetings and Locations

The group will meet quarterly alternating meeting locations between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Relevant matters for the group will be tabled as agenda items and any other matters arising out with the scheduled meetings will be considered and discussed via email/telephone and other social media correspondence.

8. Accountability and Reporting

The Steering Group are responsible to the NSPLG. The Programme Manager will act as the initial point of contact should any matters arise that requires immediate escalation to NSPLG and its Chair.

The NSPLG Programme Manager will report back any relevant advice, guidance or recommendations for immediate consideration and resolution of any issues of concern.

The Lived Experience Co-ordinator will liaise with key stakeholders to address any relevant actions and/or significant issues that the Steering Group need to consider or has raised for immediate consideration by the relevant group or individual stakeholder. (ANNEX A - avilable in attachment)

Decision making will be as far as possible by consensus or by majority.

The group can make recommendations and/or raise any issues of concern via the monthly reports written by the Lived Experience Panel Coordinator and submitted to the Delivery Leads and the NSPLG by the Lived Experience Panel Coordinator.

6. Code of Conduct

Members are expected to make every effort to attend all meetings. Deputies will be accepted to represent members of the group in the event that they are unable to attend.

All members will be expected to:

  • work collaboratively to progress the aims of the panel
  • observe good time keeping  undertake the necessary preparation in advance of meetings
  • take individual responsibility for engaging and completing tasks
  • treat fellow members and invited participants with courtesy and respect
  • make timely decisions and take action to ensure that agreed outcomes are achieved

7. Transparency

Minutes of each meeting will be produced and circulated to members and any other relevant parties.

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