National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group minutes: October 2018

Minutes from the meeting of the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG), held on 23 October 2018.

Attendees and apologies


  • Ms Rose Fitzpatrick (Chair)
  • Mr Billy Watson (1)
  • Mr Toni Giugliano (2)
  • Mr James Jopling (1)
  • Mr Nigel Henderson (2)
  • Ms Angela Scott (2)
  • Mr George Dodds (2)
  • Ms Jane O’Donnell (1)
  • Ms Ruth Moss (1)
  • Dr Michael Smith (2)
  • Dr David Hall (2)
  • Dr John Mitchell (1)
  • Chief Superintendent John McKenzie (1)


  • Dr Amy Knighton
  • Ms Lara McDonald


  • Mr Alistair Murray – Discussion point 1
  • Ms Lyndsay Wilson – Discussion point 2

Note takers

  • Ms Emma Smith – Discussion point 1
  • Ms Katie Godfrey – Discussion point 2


  • Ms Siobhan Mackay
  • Ms Katie Godfrey
  • Ms Lyndsay Wilson

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions:

 The Chair opened the first Meeting of the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group by thanking members for their attendance and relaying apologies from members who could not make the meeting. Housekeeping instruction was given by Katie Godfrey and the Chair then invited members to introduce themselves for the benefit of those who had not been present at the first meeting.


The Chair asked the Group if they were in agreement with the minutes from the first meeting and if they were happy for these to be published. James Jopling noted there had been a mistake with the date of the November meeting and that we had agreed to change the date of the December meeting. Secretariat agreed to amend these points and the Group agreed they were then happy for these to be published.

Terms of reference

The Chair asked the group if they were in agreement with the final Terms of Reference and if they were happy for these to be published. The Group agreed. 


The Chair asked if the Group were content with the Membership of the Group. There followed a discussion on how best to make effective connections between the NSPLG and academic research and expertise in the field of suicide prevention. Various options were discussed  and the Chair undertook to present these to the Minister for Mental Health. 

Future meetings

The Chair confirmed future meeting dates with the Group and asked the Group to come forward should they be able to offer premises for future meetings. A big focus of the next two meetings would be on the Delivery Plan, in order to ensure that it could be published to meet the December 2018 commitment published in the Action Plan.


The Group heard from the Head of the Secretariat , Siobhan MacKay, who presented a Discussion Paper to aid the Group in considering the development of its Delivery Plan.

Group discussions

The Group split into two facilitated discussion sub-groups to discuss the following:

  1. Do you agree with the proposed approach to the Delivery Plan?  Is there anything missing?
  2. Do you agree to the proposed structure of the Group and the proposal for Champions and Sponsors? Would you be willing to be a Sponsor?  Can you suggest anyone who might be a Champion?


The Chair brought the Meeting to a close, thanking everyone for their time and energy, which had contributed to a very productive meeting. The Secretariat would analyse the discussion comments and provide feedback. 

The Chair handed over to Siobhan Mackay who gave an overview of the current Scottish Government Mental Health Unit structure to make the Group aware of structural and staff changes. The Chair then gave an overview of how the November and December meetings would be structured and confirmed the venue for the November meeting. It was agreed that NES and Health Scotland would be invited to the November meeting to present plans and progress for Action 2 of the Suicide Prevention Action Plan. The Group agreed.

George Dodds proposed that the Suicide Prevention Action Plan Innovation Fund not be used to fund any existing work. The Group agreed this point. 

Agreed actions:

  • terms of reference/minutes: Secretariat to amend the minutes from the first meeting and publish these on the Scottish Government website
  • membership: the Chair to discuss with the Minister for Mental Health the connection between the Leadership Group and academic research on suicide prevention
  • delivery plan: the Secretariat to map Scottish Government policy activity to link up to any existing work that the Group need to consider when populating the Delivery Plan and the Secretariat to take Group feedback and produce next draft of the Delivery Plan
  • venues: the Group will inform the Secretariat of any available rooms they may have to utilise as a meeting space
  • date of next meeting was agreed





Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division
3ER, St Andrews House
Regent Road

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