National Strategy for Community Justice - delivery plan: update 1 - December 2023

Sets out deliverables which detail the work that will be undertaken to drive improvement nationally towards the aims of the National Strategy for Community Justice.

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This delivery plan, first published in June 2023, sets out tangible, time-limited deliverables that detail what work will be undertaken to drive improvement nationally for each of the aims and priority actions contained in the National Strategy for Community Justice. A broad range of partners contribute to this work, including the third sector, which we recognise play a key part in the achievement of many of the deliverables. In development of the delivery plan, focus has principally been given to opportunities for enhancing partnership working, helping to ensure the spread of best practice, and on ensuring greater visibility for ongoing work.

The Scottish Government acknowledges the immense, highly skilled and unique contribution made by the community justice workforce to support individuals and families across Scotland. The delivery plan recognises and takes account of the significant pressures faced around increasing workloads, staff shortages, and the more complex needs of those being supported.

The delivery plan is designed to complement the Scottish Government’s Vision for Justice in Scotland published in 2022, which sets out our vision for a just, safe and resilient Scotland. The vision is aligned with the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework (NPF). The delivery plan will consequently drive improvement nationally towards the aims in the strategy and ultimately what is detailed in the Vision for Justice in Scotland.

In relation to the deliverables set out under aim 1 of the strategy, it should be noted that while the effective operation of diversion from prosecution requires a multi-agency approach as highlighted in the deliverables, prosecution policy remains a matter for the Lord Advocate and the decision to refer an accused person for an assessment of suitability for diversion is one solely for prosecutors in COPFS.



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