National Review of Eating Disorder Services Implementation Group: final report

Final report of the National Review of Eating Disorder Services Implementation Group. The Group was established to develop the early approach for taking forward the recommendations from the National Review of Eating Disorder Services.

7. Next Steps for delivering on the National Review of Eating Disorder Services Recommendations

The Implementation Group closed on 16 September 2022 and the next stage of implementation of the National Review's recommendations will commence.

This next stage will focus on:

  • Finalising the Quality Standards, with the aim to publish in 2023.
  • Establishing a National Eating Disorder Network, which will support the delivery of the remaining Review recommendations. The Network will be supported by the Eating Disorder Lived Experience Panel, and will focus on the following specific tasks:
    • Establishing an online resource/website with signposting, educational material, and providing access to online self-help/management programmes, as well as providing a platform to host any Scottish information gathering, research, and sharing activity. Including providing a space to share knowledge, learning, and best practice with the existing north and south Networks to ensure that work is joined up and priorities aligned.
    • Coordination of implementation of the Eating Disorder Quality Standards over a 5-year period to support collaborative learning and implementation across NHS boards.
    • Being guided by the Eating Disorder Quality Standards, the Network will support the planning of eating disorder services in Scotland, resources, and staffing that are required to implement these services.
    • Facilitating the collation of national data, with the aim of providing, on an ongoing basis, annual audits of the prevalence of all eating disorder diagnoses, analysis of nationally agreed datasets to measure service delivery and outcomes, collation of Significant Incident Reviews to report annually to the Scottish Government.
    • Work with Public Health Scotland and other relevant agencies to build, implement and evaluate a public health strategy for Scotland that makes eating disorder prevention everyone's business.
    • Support and lead on training for healthcare and other stakeholder professionals, taking forward and expanding on the work of the Implementation Group. Ensuring that training offers are advertised and available nationally.



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