National falls and fracture prevention strategy 2019-2024 draft: consultation

We are consulting on a draft national prevention strategy for falls and fractures 2019 to 2024.

Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy for Scotland: Consultation questions

1. Do you agree the Strategy will improve services for those who experience Falls?

If not, what improvements do you suggest?

2. Do you agree with the outcomes in the Strategy?

If not, why not?

3. Do you have any comments or additions on topics which are not covered in the Strategy? Please be specific in your reasons and include any resources or references we should consider.

4. Are there any key areas missing or any general amendments you would suggest?

5. Please comment your thought on how best to support the implementation of the Strategy.

6. Do you have any further general comments on the Falls and Fragility Fracture Prevention Scotland Strategy?

[Add in about you section] – required

Consultation period

We have worked with a range of stakeholders and colleagues to develop this draft Strategy; our aim has been to create a culture of partnership in which we take collective action, maximising and respecting the contribution of all partners. Given the engagement that has already taken place, we have reduced the consultation period to four weeks.



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