National events strategy 2024 to 2035: equality impact assessment

This equality impact assessment (EQIA) results report provides a summary of the key findings from the detailed work undertaken to assess potential equality impacts of the National Events Strategy 2024 to 2035.

Equality Impact Assessment - Results

Title of policy

National Events Strategy 2024-2035

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of policy

The Vision of Strategy is that Scotland is the Perfect Stage for Events.

The Mission of the Strategy is to sustain and develop, through a Team Scotland approach, a dynamic, resilient, and responsible events sector that is recognised as a global leader and valued for its contribution to Scotland's wellbeing economy. It will achieve this through the delivery of a world-class, diverse, and inclusive portfolio of cultural, sport and business events - for participants, workforce, communities, and visitors.

Author of the results Equality Impact Assessment

This results Equality Impact Assessment for the National Events Strategy 2024-2035 is a partnership document led by the Scottish Government (Creative Futures and Major Events Division) with support from VisitScotland.



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