National Economic Forum: June 2021

National Economic Forum 16 June 2021 Transforming Scotland's Economy: working together to secure a successful future.

Hosts: Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy; Jenny Gilruth MSP, Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development

Facilitator: Louise Macdonald, National Director, Institute of Directors Scotland

Scribe: Matthew Farrell, Scottish Government


Since the beginning of the pandemic we have supported business with £3.6 billion in grants and rates relief. As we continue to move out of lockdown ensuring the safety of Scotland’s people will rightly remain our priority, however we are also turning our focus more and more towards the Country’s Economic Recovery.

We have set out a clear and ambitious plan for the first 100 days in Government, identifying priorities and actions central to investing in jobs and boosting Scotland’s current and developing plans for Economic Recovery.

Our mission is to create the best conditions for businesses to seize the opportunities to produce, to invent and to grow, and in so doing, create secure and satisfying jobs which pay a fair wage - that will be the foundation of our economy and society.

We must work together, across political parties, sectors and regions to rebuild. We must also use the experience, expertise and ingenuity of businesses, trades unions and our workforce to deliver greater, greener and fairer prosperity.

We need to build on the momentum of the first 100 days, taking the examples of the actions delivered in that period and learning from them. We must also learn from the progress made by businesses in reopening, expanding and adapting their activity to operate in COVID-safe ways.

We need to continue to address the issues that COVID has caused across all parts of our society, to our economic, social and cultural wellbeing. We need to understand changing priorities and needs as we move gradually towards leaving COVID behind, putting in place a fairer, greener, and more prosperous economy for all of the people of Scotland.

Last week the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy issued an open invitation to anybody who wants to play their part in this national endeavour of rebuilding our country, and we want you to share your concerns, ideas and priorities for beyond the first 100 days.

Discussion questions

  • where does Government need to focus its attention, in the period beyond 100 days, in order to best support economic recovery?
  • what do you see as the key opportunities to deliver a sustainable economic recovery in conjunction with a transition to a greener, fairer economy that works for all of Scotland’s people?
  • what does a refreshed and energised relationship between business and government look and feel like? What three actions would you recommend?


National Economic Forum

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