National Dental Advisory Committee - Emergency Drugs & Equipment in Primary Dental Care

Report on the use of emergency drugs and equipment in Primary Dental Care.

Emergency equipment in the dental practice

You must ensure that the following items of equipment are available at all times.

1. Oxygen cylinder: See Emergency Drugs.

2. Oxygen face mask capable of delivering high concentrations of oxygen (reservoir bag) with tubing.

3. Basic set (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) of oro-pharyngeal airways for adults and children.

4. Bag-valve-mask, with additional child mask.

5. Portable independently powered suction machine with appropriate suction tips and tubing.

6. Single-use sterile syringes, (1 ml) and 21G (green) needles.

7. Spacer device for inhaled bronchodilators.

8. Pocket masks with oxygen port available in every surgery.

9. Automated External Defibrillator (with razor and scissors).

The AED should be mapped on to the Scottish Ambulance Service control system to enable ambulance call handlers to direct the public to the practice while an ambulance is on its way.

Additional emergency equipment in sedation dental practices

Sedation dental practices are those where conscious sedation, using intravenous, oral or transmucosal routes, is undertaken and would be a useful adjunct in managing a medical emergency.

1. Pulse oximeter with audible alarm: for ongoing monitoring.

2. Blood pressure monitor: for patient assessment visit and pre and post-treatment readings.

3. Nasal cannula set: for giving supplemental oxygen.


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