National Council of Rural Advisers minutes: September 2017

Minutes of the first meeting of the National Council of Rural Advisers, held on 20 September 2017.

Attendees and apologies


  • Fergus Ewing - Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity

NCRA Co-Chairs:

  • Lorne Crerar
  • Alison Milne

NCRA Members:

  • Sarah Simpson
  • Henry Graham
  • Archie Gibson
  • John Kinnaird
  • Marion MacCormick
  • Lynn Mann
  • Sarah Allison
  • Alan Laidlaw
  • David Sulman
  • Jackie Brierton

Scottish Government:

  • Catriona Maclean - Deputy Director, Rural Economy and Communities
  • Alistair Prior - Rural Communities
  • Graeme Beale - Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services
  • Amanda Fox - Rural Economy
  • Pamela Berry - NCRA secretariat
  • Lorraine Macrae - NCRA secretariat


  • Jim McLaren - NCRA member

Items and actions

Action points log

No Topic Action
1 Brexit research To research, reflect and circulate papers on the wider rural economy implications to Brexit.
2 Brexit report (interim report) Ensure the report reflects how rural economy is differently impacted by Brexit. Identify what aspects are to be highlighted. To include top 10 issues, some suggestions and negotiating points; a reflection of broader stakeholder engagement and a gap analysis identifying where additional data / evidence is needed.
3 Brexit report and wider NCRA work presentation Presentation to Cabinet colleagues.
4 Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board Meeting with Mr Ewing, co chairs of NCRA, and the Enterprise and Skills strategic board to ensure rural issues are reflected.
5 Case studies Pull together case studies on: Positive experiences of support including international examples.
6 Research Various relevant research reports to be circulated to members including those by SRUC and the Mackinnon report.
7 Potential work streams Will progress after Oct meeting
8 Stakeholder engagement Group agreed formal stakeholder engagement will take place after the Oct meeting. SG to work with NCRA to develop engagement strategy and communications plan.
9 Communication Agreement that an action log should be published on the SG website after each meeting. Communication should be issued after each meeting.
10 Next meeting Next meeting on 27th October: Facilitated session on what makes a vibrant rural economy in the future. Dates for future meetings - Nov 28th and 29th.



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