National Council of Rural Advisers minutes: October 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the National Council of Rural Advisers, held on 27 October 2017.

Attendees and apologies


  • Sarah Allison
  • Jackie Brierton
  • Willie Cameron
  • Archie Gibson
  • John Kinnaird
  • Alan Laidlaw
  • Marion McCormick
  • Jim McLaren
  • Alison Milne
  • Sarah Simpson
  • David Sulman


  • Lorne Crerar
  • Henry Graham
  • Lynn Mann

Scottish Government

  • Pamela Berry – Senior Policy Manager and NCRA Secretariat
  • Amanda Fox – Rural Economy Team Leader
  • Lorraine Macrae – Policy Official and NCRA Secretariat
  • Alistair Prior – Head Rural Communities Policy
  • Billy McKenzie – Unit Head Rural Economy and Communities

  • Facilitator – Donald MacLean, Glasgow University

Items and actions

Action points log

No Topic Action Lead Deadline / Update
1 Rural enterprise data analysis To discuss with research colleagues how existing models can better meet needs of rural enterprises. NCRA Secretariat Ongoing
2 The importance of celebrating the successes and ambition of the rural economy To collect stories and build on case studies NCRA members By next meeting (28/29 Nov)
3 The use of rural impact assessments Identify a model rural impact assessment NCRA Secretariat Ongoing
4 Identification of key target areas and influencers Agenda item for next meeting NCRA members By next meeting (28/29 Nov)
6 Use of sub-groups Agenda item for next meeting NCRA members at Nov meeting



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