National Council of Rural Advisers minutes: May 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the National Council of Rural Advisers, held on 24 May 2018.

Attendees and apologies


  • Jackie Brierton
  • Willie Cameron
  • Lorne Crerar
  • Henry Graham
  • John Kinnaird
  • Marion MacCormick
  • Lynn Mann
  • Sarah Miller
  • Alison Milne
  • Sarah Simpson
  • David Sulman

Scottish Government

  • Pamela Berry
  • Amanda Fox
  • Eva Kleinert
  • Catriona MacLean
  • Lorraine Macrae
  • Ann-Marie Meikle


  • Archie Gibson
  • Jim McLaren
  • Alan Laidlaw

Items and actions

Action point log

No. Topic Action Lead Deadline/Update
1 Rural Economy NCRA secretariat to investigate scribe to assist with report NCRA secretariat Completed
2 Rural Economy Facts and stats to be checked RESAS Completed
3 Rural Economy Final comms plan Comms Sub Group Completed
4 Rural Economy Consultation document to be submitted and finalised with APS NCRA secretariat Completed
5 Rural Economy Consultation to be finalised with Citizen Space NCRA secretariat Completed
6 Rural Economy Comms to be finalised for Ministerial Statement and Cabinet Presentation Comms Sub Group Completed
7 Rural Economy Consultation to be sent to a range of stakeholders NCRA secretariat Completed
8 Rural Economy Scribe to be procured to assist in final report NCRA secretariat Started
9 Rural Economy Cancel 2/8/18 meeting and issue a doodle poll for July/August meetings NCRA secretariat Completed
10 Subsequent meetings July and August dates to be advised ASAP NCRA secretariat By 6/7/18



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