National Committee on Infant Cremation: code of practice (second edition)

Key principles and minimum standards for all organisations conducting infant cremations, as agreed by the National Committee on Infant Cremation.

Code of Practice Level 2 - Training


This Code sets out minimum standards for initial and on-going, and formal and informal training requirements for those whose professional role includes direct contact with, and assistance to, those who have experienced the loss of a child and are considering the option of cremation (or burial). It is extrapolated from the overarching Level 1 Code of Practice, and takes account of existing training programmes and networks, as well as those still to be developed and established.

Code of Practice

Initial Training

1. All staff, at all levels, should complete their organisation's relevant operational training prior to their involvement in discussing, arranging or conducting infant cremations.

2. Both formal and informal training programmes should place the needs of the bereaved at their centre.

Continuing Professional Development Training

3. All staff, at all levels, have a responsibility to maintain their own skills, through:

3.1 completing any designated continuing professional development training programmes, linked to annual appraisals, where available.

3.2 ensuring their individual compliance with the requirements of current law and relevant regulatory bodies.

3.3 participating in joint learning and sharing of information opportunities with local partners and/or other branches or institutions of their own organisation.

Company / Institutional Training Responsibilities

4. Time and resources should be set aside for the purpose of staff training.

5. There should be a designated lead person responsible for supporting / developing training in the area of infant cremations.

6. Staff training should be monitored and a record kept of training undertaken and completed.

7. Leads should establish a network or group with their other local partners, for joint multi-agency learning and information sharing opportunities.

8. Leads / networks should establish regular opportunities for the learning and sharing of good practice and the reviewing, learning and sharing of current or any new laws, practices, policies and procedures.



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