National Committee on Infant Cremation: 2017 annual report

Third annual report of the National Committee on Infant Cremation.

10. Forward Look

After two years of work and as laid down in the Committee’s Terms of Reference, a successful review of membership took place in Spring 2017. The Committee now continues its work as the National Committee on Burial and Cremation.

The National Committee will continue to provide oversight of the progress made on implementing Lord Bonomy’s recommendations, will monitor the progress and implementation of the recommendations made by Dame Elish Angiolini and will continue to revise the Code of Practice annually.

It will spread its focus across a wider scale, encompassing burial and cremation practice and policy across Scotland. Drawing on its success of implementing change as the National Committee on Infant Cremation it will utilise its expertise to bring improved practices, training and policy into the sector, making it fit for the needs of modern Scotland. It will continue to engage with Government, local authorities, NHS Boards, trade bodies, parents and other relevant groups and parties to achieve this aim.

National Committee on Burial and Cremation
June 2018


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