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National Committee on Infant Cremation: 2016 annual report

Published: 4 May 2017
Population Health Directorate
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Second annual report of the National Committee on Infant Cremation.

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35 page PDF

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National Committee on Infant Cremation: 2016 annual report
9. Related Activities

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9. Related Activities

Dame Elish Angiolini National Investigation

Dame Elish Angiolini's National Investigation was published on 17 June 2016 Information about the investigation and the report are available at:

Dame Elish made 13 specific recommendations and 2 general conclusions, all of which have been accepted by the First Minister. Oversight of the progress of implementation of these records will be taken forward by the National Committee.

A worksheet detailing the progress made against each of the recommendations can be found at Annex B.

Ministry of Justice Consultation

The Committee notes that the Ministry of Justice consulted on infant cremation related matters, in respect of England and Wales, following reports of similar issues in England. The consultation closed

  • Provide a statutory definition of 'ashes';
  • Amend statutory cremation application forms to make the applicant's wishes in relation to ashes that are recovered explicit and ensure that there is a record of their decision;
  • Bring the cremation of foetuses of less than 24 weeks' gestation within the scope of regulation for parents who choose cremation (rather than burial or sensitive incineration).
  • Establish a national working group of cremation experts to advise on:
    • The detail of new regulations and statutory applications forms;
    • The regulation of cremations of foetuses of less than 24 weeks' gestation;
    • Codes of practice and training for crematorium staff;
    • Information for bereaved parents; and
    • Whether there should be an inspector of crematoria.


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