national care standards: nurse agencies

National Care Standards - Nurse Agencies Edition

1-2 Before using the service (standards 1 and 2)

1 Information about the nurse agency
2 Agreeing the service

Introduction to the standards

Before using the service - standards 1 and 2

As a service user you must have proper information to help you reach a decision about using the service. You can expect the information to be up to date and reliable, in a format and language that you can easily understand and keep.

You must be confident that the service is managed properly in line with relevant legislation and guidelines. You must know what would happen in an emergency which changed the way the service was delivered or prevented it from being delivered or if the nurse agency was to close.

Information about the nurse agency

Standard 1
You receive full information about the nurse agency and the services it provides.

1 You have an information pack which is well presented and in a language and format that is easy to understand. The information includes:

  • details of the nurse agency and its aims;
  • details of the level and type of service that can be provided;
  • information on the arrangements for monitoring the quality of the service;
  • details of the nurse agency's policy and procedure for making comments, suggestions and complaints;
  • details of service costs, the charging policy and contractual arrangements;
  • contact names and phone numbers, including a 24-hour contact number;
  • confirmation that the agency is registered with the Care Commission; and
  • arrangements that will be made if the nurse agency closes or there is a change of ownership.

Agreeing the service

Standard 2
You will receive a written agreement which clearly defines the service that will be provided to meet your needs. This will set out the terms and conditions of payment arrangements and arrangements for changing or ending the agreement.

1 You are fully involved with the nurse agency in developing the written agreement and in any later reviews. You will receive a copy of this agreement which has been signed and dated by a representative of the nurse agency.

2 Your written agreement includes details about:

  • how to change the service and how you can end it;
  • communication arrangements between you and the nurse agency;
  • who will receive copies of the written agreement and any later reviews;
  • the fees that will be charged; and
  • how and when the nurse agency will tell you if it can no longer provide the service.

3 You know that the nurse agency will check with you to make sure that the information about your needs is accurate.

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