National Care Standards: Adult Placement Services

National Care Standards - Adult Placement Services Edition

Leaving the adult placement service (standard 17)

Introduction to standard 17

The adult placement may be part of an accepted routine of short breaks from living with your family or on your own. It may be a stepping stone to greater independence somewhere else. If so, the support and care you receive during your stay should prepare you for moving on.

Moving on

Standard 17

You are involved in planning for your future from the time you start the placement, and this is part of your personal plan.

1 If you are moving on, you are supported to move on at a time that is right for you.

2 If there are unforeseen circumstances which mean you have to move earlier than you had planned, the adult placement service will make sure that the move involves as little risk and disruption to yourself as possible.

3 You are involved in assessing the possible risk for yourself or for other people if you move.

4 The information that you take with you will be complete and will have been put together with your involvement and agreement.

5 The adult placement worker will prepare other people in your placement for when you leave and make sure that the move goes smoothly for everyone.

6 You are supported to keep up friendships you have made.

7 You can visit the place you are moving to and, depending on the type of accommodation, meet the other people and staff in the same way as you did before starting your placement.

8 Unless you are moving on from a short break, your accommodation will be kept for you for an agreed period of time.

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