National Care Standards: Adoption Agencies: Revised March 2005

National Care Standards: Adoption Agencies: Revised March 2005 Edition

32 Management and staffing arrangements - the adoption agency

Providing a good quality service

Standard 32
You experience good quality support from the agency. This is provided by management and staff whose professional training and expertise allows them to meet your needs.

1 You know that the agency managers, staff and volunteers are recruited and selected through a process that takes account of safe recruitment practices. This includes:

  • criminal records checks;
  • checks with previous employers;
  • taking up references; and
  • cross-reference to the registers of the Scottish Social Services Council or other professional organisations.

2 You know that agency staff are suitably qualified and trained for their roles. There is a staff development strategy and an effective yearly training plan for all staff.

3 You can be assured that all the staff use methods that reflect up-to-date knowledge and best-practice guidance, and that the management are continuously striving to improve practice.

4 You can be assured that staff are supervised and appraised. They have access to advice and support when they do their jobs. The roles and responsibilities of the management and staff of the agency are clear to you.

5 You can be confident that the agency asks for and gets feedback from adopted adults on the quality of service it provides.

6 You can be confident that the agency gives you the information you need to make a suggestion or complaint to the agency or directly to the Care Commission.

7 You can be assured that the agency has effective recording and information systems. All significant contacts and incidents are recorded.

8 You can be assured that a system of quality improvements based on reviewed practice is in place. Plans to improve the quality of service involve those who use the services provided by the agency. Information (for example, annual reports) is produced describing the performance of the agency.

9 You can be assured that the finances of the agency are properly managed. The accounts are audited and reported on every year. When agency staff are involved in any financial transaction it is carefully recorded. This is in a way that can be checked by the Care Commission.

10 You know that external managers monitor the service you receive from the agency.

11 The external manager or board makes sure the manager is suitable for the role.

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