A National Care Service for Scotland consultation: easy read

An easy read version of the National Care Service consultation paper.

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Additional Information and Easy Read Material

Additional material in Easy Read has been published to aid engagement and discussion on the National Care Service. This material is supplementary to the Easy Read version of the consultation and is focused on explaining key concepts regarding the National Care Service. It has been developed in conjunction with disability stakeholders to address issues that they have raised. This Easy Read material is designed to help facilitate discussion and engagement beyond the formal consultation period that ends on 2 November as the Scottish Government will continue to engage with stakeholders to co-design the National Care Service as policy proposals are developed.

Copies of the additional Easy Read material are available on the Supporting Documents page.


An errata was published on 23rd September 2021 as a result of a changes on PDF page 24 and page 31. The changes made were to correct an error whereby the text of question 14 had not been translated into easy read (page 24) and to correct an error whereby incorrect answer options were provided (page 31).

An erratum was published on 13th September 2021 as a result of changes on PDF pages 8, 24, and 37. The changes made were: on page 8, a spelling error was corrected; on page 24, “ the local population” was changed to “local people”; and on page 37, information was added on how to access a document containing the consultation questions and on an automated phone number to request paper copies.

The HTML and PDF have been updated to reflect these changes.


Email: NCSconsultation@gov.scot

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