National Care Service: data protection impact assessment - easy read

Easy read version of the data protection impact assessment for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill.

National Care Service Bill: Data Protection Impact Assessment

The Scottish Government does a Data Protection Impact assessment to check:

  • how the National Care Service Bill could affect the way personal data is used

Personal information is information like your computer passwords, bank details, birth date or National Insurance number.

  • check if there are any risks that would mean information was not kept private

The National Care Service will make sure:

  • people have a good experience of getting social work and social care support
  • there are more prevention and early intervention services that try to stop problems from happening or stop things from getting worse
  • social work and social care support will work in a way that protects people's human rights
  • people have support that they can depend on
  • decisions about services must be made in local areas and will suit the needs of people in each community

The Scottish Government has asked people what they think about the National Care Service by having:

  • a consultation that 1 thousand 3 hundred people answered
  • 50 people used an Easy Read version of the consultation
  • more than 1 hundred events and meetings that around 3 thousand people took part in

We will design and plan the National Care Service with people who get and give health and social care services.

The National Care Service Bill does not make new rules about information sharing.

This means we cannot do an assessment about Data Protection laws just now.

As work to develop the National Care Service and information sharing rules moves on, we will do a full assessment.

The Data Protection Impact Assessment for the Bill will then be changed.



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