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National Cancer Treatment Group: sub-group

Published: 16 Jul 2020

Sub-group of the National Cancer Recovery Group.

16 Jul 2020
National Cancer Treatment Group: sub-group

The National Cancer Treatment Group (NCTG) has been set up to provide national oversight for recovery of cancer treatments during the recovery phase of the NHS from the COVID-19 pandemic, and through any secondary surges in COVID-19 incidence. 

This group will report to the National Cancer Recovery Group (NCRG).


  • Cancer Network Clinical Leads
  • Cancer Network Managers
  • Director of Planning Rep
  • Scottish Government Cancer Policy and Cancer Access
  • National Services Division
  • Managed Clinical Network Clinical Lead - HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB)
  • Managed Clinical Network Manager - HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB)
  • Nursing/ Scottish Executive Nurse Directors (SEND) representative
  • Gynaecological Oncology Representative
  • NCRG Data Subgroup Chair
  • (Radiotherapy and Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) leads to join ad hoc)