National Cancer Treatment Group: sub-group

Sub-group of the National Cancer Recovery Group.

The National Cancer Treatment Group commenced in July 2020 and will no longer be active as the Cancer Surgery Programme Board stands up.

The National Cancer Treatment Group (NCTG) has been set up to provide national oversight for recovery of cancer treatments during the recovery phase of the NHS from the COVID-19 pandemic, and through any secondary surges in COVID-19 incidence. 

This group will report to the National Cancer Recovery Group (NCRG).


  • Cancer Network Clinical Leads
  • Cancer Network Managers
  • Director of Planning Rep
  • Scottish Government Cancer Policy and Cancer Access
  • National Services Division
  • Managed Clinical Network Clinical Lead - HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB)
  • Managed Clinical Network Manager - HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB)
  • Nursing/ Scottish Executive Nurse Directors (SEND) representative
  • Gynaecological Oncology Representative
  • NCRG Data Subgroup Chair
  • (Radiotherapy and Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) leads to join ad hoc)
National Cancer Treatment Group: terms of reference



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