National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation minutes: May 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 26 May 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Carolyn McDonald  (Chair) (CM), SG – Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate
  • Bette Locke (BL), SG – Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate and Clinical Priorities Policy 
  • Susan Wallace (SW), SG – Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Bryony Murray (BM), SG – Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Belinda Robertson (BR), Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Dr Angela Gall (AG), British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine 
  • Caroline Deane (CD), Workforce lead, Scottish Care
  • Dr Nadine Cosette (NC), Liaison psychiatrist, NHS Lothian
  • Lisa Powell (LP), Convention of Scottish Local Authorities COSLA
  • Emma Stirling (ES), Allied Health Professions Directors (Scotland) 
  • Phil Mackie (PM), Public Health Scotland
  • Supratim Mukherjee (SM), SG – Head of Communications and Engagement (attended as guest) – Long COVID and Rehabilitation
  • Margaret McKeith (MM), Health and Social Care Alliance (the ALLIANCE) (on behalf of Sara Redmond)
  • Nafees Ahmad (NA), SG - Clinical Fellow
  • Chris Doyle (CD) (guest), SG – Clinical Priorities, Senior Policy Manager
  • Leah Crawford (LC), SG – Clinical Priorities Policy, Joint Secretariat


  • Marianne Hayward, (Vice Chair)(MH), Head of Health and Social Care, South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership, and representative for HSCP Chief Officers Group
  • Dr Tara Quasim (TQ), Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical
  • Melanie Weldon (MW), SG – Health Inequalities Policy 
  • Laurie Eyles (LE), SG – Health Improvement Policy
  • Jan Beattie (JB), SG – Chief Nursing Officer and Primary  Care   Directorate
  • Dr Malcolm Daniel (MD), Quality Improvement Fellow, Medical Lead for Quality   Improvement, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Dr Jacques Kerr (JK), Senior Medical Officer, Unscheduled  Care National   Programme, Scottish Government
  • Professor Alex McMahon (AM), Scottish Executive Nurse Directors
  • Dr Alastair Cook (AC), Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health, Scottish  Government
  • Dr Michelle Watts (MW), Senior Medical Adviser, Primary Care, Scottish Government
  • Jemma McGuffie (JM), SG – Clinical Priorities Policy, Joint Secretariat

Items and actions

Welcome, introductions and apologies - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn McDonald welcomed all members to the sixth meeting of the National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation.  

Carolyn McDonald welcomed our guest speaker Chris Doyle.

Apologies were noted as above.  

Minutes of previous meeting - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn McDonald advised that any amendments to the minutes should be made to the Clinical Priorities inbox by close of play on 26 May 2021.

Actions from last month

Carolyn McDonald addressed the action from last month’s meeting on long COVID, and advised that we have Senior Policy Manager Chris Doyle from Scottish Government in attendance to discuss this today. 

Carolyn McDonald raised the action point on care homes, and advised that we will move this forward to next month as Jan Beattie has sent her apologies for this meeting.

Long COVID presentation

Chris Doyle shared a presentation on Long COVID, slides from which have been shared with Board members following the meeting.

Phil Mackie raised the point that managed clinical networks take time to build, and also around creating a sustained approach within the context of the Rehabilitation Framework – existing services need to be remobilised in addition to providing clinical support. Phil Mackie also made note that we must communicate clearly how this will work and the timescales involved.

Susan Wallace addressed the importance of focusing on what is available now as opposed to what is happening in the future with regards to communications and engagement.

Caroline Deane further agreed with these points and the importance of tying this into the social care workforce and noted that consideration must be given to training to support people with Long COVID? 

Chris Doyle explained that there are the long COVID team are linking closely with multiple other clinical and policy areas across SG and beyond.

Self-assessment tool and webinar

Bette Locke thanked everyone for their help with feedback and input with regards to the Self-Assessment tool, which has now gone out as of 24th May, and also thanked the Alliance for their support, and explained that Margaret McKeith is in attendance on behalf of the Alliance today. 

Bryony Murray explained we have based the Self-Assessment Tool around the Principles of ‘Good Rehab’ and that we are excited for the results. 

Margaret McKeith added that they have opened up their survey and have invited third sector organisations to respond to this, to capture similar content from a third sector perspective. Margaret also added that The Alliance are holding their own webinar on the 27th of May. 

Emma Stirling added that the wider community provide a massive contribution to rehabilitation, and expressed her own excitement for the results. 

Bette Locke reminded members to sign up for the webinar on 1 June 2021. 

Carolyn McDonald advised there was hundreds already signed up for this and how this emphasises the importance of the work they have done on the self-assessment tool.  

Summary and reflections (15 minutes) - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn McDonald reminded members that if there are agenda items that anyone would like to be covered to bring this to Secretariat’s attention to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the monthly meetings, and if anyone has agenda items for next month to send these to the Clinical Priorities inbox by 4 June 2021. Carolyn McDonald also reminded members that their attendance is hugely valued.

AOCB and next steps (5 minutes) - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn McDonald advised Board of Jemma McGuffie leaving, and thanked Jemma for all of her help and support from the very beginning when writing the Rehabilitation Framework until now. Jemma played a huge role in the production of the Rehabilitation Framework and of the Clinical Priorities Team and we will miss her hugely. 

Wishing her the best of luck in her new role. 

Date and time of next meeting – TBC

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