National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation minutes: March 2022

Minutes from the National Advisory Board Meeting on 30 March 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Carolyn McDonald  (Chair), SG, Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate
  • Bette Locke, Scottish Government, Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate and Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Lois Lobban, Scottish Government, Clinical Priorities Senior Policy Manager
  • Belinda Robertson, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Dr Malcolm Daniel, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Quality Improvement Fellow, Medical Lead for Quality Improvement
  • Dr Angela Gall, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Sara Redmond, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the Alliance), Chief Officer of Development
  • Dr Tara Quasim, Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical
  • Laurie Eyles, SG, Health Improvement Policy
  • Caroline Deane, Scottish Care, Workforce Lead
  • Dr Nadine Cosette, NHS Lothian, Liaison psychiatrist
  • Emma Stirling, Allied Health Professions Directors (Scotland)
  • Susan Wallace, Scottish Government, Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Leah Crawford, Clinical Priorities Policy Officer, Secretariat
  • Eilidh Carmichael, SG, Clinical Priorities  Policy Manager, Secretariat


  • Phil Mackie, Public Health Scotland
  • Dr Alastair Cook, Scottish Government, Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health
  • Mandy Andrew,  Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the Alliance), Associate Director 
  • Marianne Hayward, Health and Social Care Partnerships Chief Officers Group, Vice Chair
  • Dr Michelle Watts, Scottish Government, Senior Medical Adviser
  • Dr Jacques Kerr, Scottish Government, Senior Medical Officer
  • Melanie Weldon, Scottish Government, Joint Unit Head & Lead on Health Inequalities 

Items and actions

Welcome, introductions and apologies - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn welcomed all members to the ninth meeting of the National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation.

Jan Beattie and Lisa Powell were thanked for their time and contribution as previous members.

Apologies were noted as above.

Minutes of previous meeting – Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn advised that any feedback and comments regarding the minutes of the October meeting should be sent to the Clinical Priorities box by close of play on 30 March 2022.

Update on recent rehabilitation work - Bette Locke and Sara Redmond

Bette discussed three projects underway:

  • NHS Education Scotland
  • Thistle Foundation
  • CAPA

Carolyn reminded the board that the NHS Scotland conference is coming up. A rehabilitation submission has been accepted. It will be a parallel session and an update will be provided at the next meeting.

Bette advised that there had been advancements in the competency framework for Hospital to Home project and was happy to share the progress on this when helpful.

Third sector self-assessment

Sara Redmond provided an update on the work following on from the self-assessment report. In addition to providing an update at last meeting, she had since provided an update to the Right to Rehab coalition and to those who participated in the survey.

Bette reminded the board that the survey results have been sent out end of 2021 and if anyone does not have this to let the team know and this can be resent.

Once for Scotland approach outline - Bette Locke and Lois Lobban

Bette and Lois shared a presentation detailing the outline of the Once for Scotland approach.

Tara  mentioned patient engagement and the importance of patients taking on their advice early on to avoid further problems. Bette agreed that this is implied as ‘mutual expectations’ and that we will attempt to make this clearer in the diagram.

Sara raised the importance of an impact assessment in relation to Tara’s point on patient engagement.

Tara highlighted the difficulty engaging with patient groups who speak English as a second or additional language as translation services aren’t overly effective.

Carolyn highlighted the timelines for sharing a paper with the board due to pre-election period, and has asked for comments as soon as possible to allow us to meet this deadline. Carolyn highlighted that we are aiming to sign this off at the next meeting.

Aocb and next steps - Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn raised the point of meeting frequency and whether or not this should change to a quarterly approach, and advised that we will discuss this as a group going ahead.

Date and time of next meeting – 16 May 2022

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