National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation: February 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation group meeting held on 24 February 2021.

Attendees and apologies

  • Carolyn McDonald  (Chair) (CM). SG – Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate
  • Bette Locke (BL) ,SG - Chief Nursing Officer’s Directorate and  Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Susan Wallace (SW) ,SG – Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Bryony Murray (BM), SG – Clinical Priorities Policy
  • Jan Beattie (JB) , SG – Chief Nursing Officer and Primary   Care Directorate
  • Angela Gall (AG) ,British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Belinda Robertson (BR) , Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Caroline Deane (CD),Workforce lead, Scottish Care
  • Dr Nadine Cossette (NC), Liaison psychiatrist, Royal Infirmary
  • Lisa Powell (LP), Convention of Scottish Local Authorities   (COSLA)        
  • Sara Redmond (SR), Health and Social Care Alliance
  • Laurie Eyles (LE), SG – Health Improvement Policy
  • Alex McMahon (AM), Scottish Executive Nurse Directors
  • Dr Tara Quasim (TQ) ,Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical
  • Heather Cameron (HC), Allied Health Professions Directors   (Scotland) Group
  • Martyn Shenstone (MS), Project Manager – Rehab Framework Programme 
  • Supratim Mukherjee (SM) (Attended as guest)  SG – Communications Lead
  • Nafees Ahmad (NA) SG – Joint Secretariat
  • Jemma McGuffie (JM) SG – Joint Secretariat & Clinical Priorities Policy


  • Marianne Hayward (MH) Health and Social Care, South Lanarkshire
  • Jacques Kerr (JK) SG - Senior Medical Officer, Directorate for Health Performance and Delivery
  • Phil Mackie (PM)Public Health Scotland
  • Dr Alastair Cook (AC) SG – Mental Health Policy
  • Malcolm Daniel (MD)Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care  Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • Dr Tara Quasim (TQ)  Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical
  • Michelle Watts (MW) SG – Clinical Adviser
  • Melanie Weldon (MW) SG - Creating Health

Items and actions

Welcome, Introductions and Apologies

CM welcomed all members. It was advised that all members contact the Secretariat if they don’t have future board dates in their diaries.

Apologies were noted as above.

Carolyn McDonald

Minutes of previous meeting


The Board confirmed that the minutes reflected an accurate record of the last meeting in January 2021.

Update on actions

Follow up one to one meetings between Bette Locke and other members

It was advised that this is still in progress and not all members have had a one to one with BL yet.

Your COVID Recovery

SW reported that a business plan for Your COVID Recovery is being developed and Scottish Government officials are working to have a section on either Your COVID Recovery or redevelop a digital resource more tailored for Scotland. The group will be updated on the progress of this item at the next NABR meeting in March 2021.

Development of Rehabilitation Guide for Care Homes

JB informed the Board that early guidance on care homes was picked up in April 2020 around the deconditioning and the requirement for rehabilitation in care homes, also with a view to care at home. They are now in a position in regards to policy on vaccines and PPE to make further progress on this item. JB updated the Board that on Friday 26 February 2021 a session is being hosted - Scotland's AHP contribution to care homes: short life working group. Elaine Hunter from Alzheimers Scotland is supporting this work. CD offered to attend this and JB said she would circulate invite to CD. A number of members offered to get in contact with JB offline regarding this item.

Terms of Reference, comments to Clinical Priorities box/ Secretariat - in particular key policy areas not represented on the group? reflective of the groups objectives?

It was agreed that this item is now closed.

Call for nominations for Vice Chair

CM made a call out for a vice chair to members in the Board. It was advised that the criteria for this is that the member is external to the Scottish Government. Members were advised to send their nomination to the Secretariat.

Carolyn McDonald

Update on HIS presentation

It was highlighted to the Board that the Rehabilitation policy officials reviewed the information provided by Ruth Glassborow and colleagues at Healthcare Improvement Scotland and a decision was made that the large-scale change approach would not be appropriate for the types of projects they are working on now.

This approach will be considered in future. It was confirmed that Rehabilitation policy officials remain committed to using a Quality Improvement approach to this work.

Carolyn McDonald

Presentation on Health, Wellbeing and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scottish Experiences and Priorities for the Future

SR delivered a presentation on Health, Wellbeing and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scottish Experiences and Priorities for the Future. SR advised that the Alliance undertook research beginning in  August with data gathered and completed around November and the overall project was completed by February.

SR advised that experiences shared during the programme were varied, however, the following patterns emerged from the experiences shared:

  • Reduced and disrupted access
  • Poor communication is a barrier to accessing healthcare
  • Health inequalities have been exacerbated and population groups disproportionately impacted
  • Reduction in person centred care
  • Power imbalance
  • Responsive services
  • Buffering the impact
  • Working better together.

Sara Redmond,

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

Discussion on draft Work Plan & Principles

BM talked to the draft Work Plan & Principles document. CM facilitated group discussion and BL answered questions from members.

Feedback from members

There was a useful discussion with group members providing feedback that has been captured in our tracker spreadsheet.

It was noted that TQ highlighted to the Board that at present within healthcare they have access to healthcare records but no access to social care records and that to enable the patient to be treated with a holistic approach these two areas (primary care and social care) need to be interlinked.

CM advised that this issue would not be covered by the delivery work of the Recovery and Rehabilitation Framework however a conversation would be picked up with the relevant policy team to look at addressing this issue.

It was also noted that SR would be keen to support the development of the self-management workstream.

BL advised that in terms of timings the Rehab policy team wanted to ensure that the content of the workstreams is right before they think about timings. Members were advised that all comments would be considered and a new version of the document would be shared with the group in due course.

Bette Locke and Bryony Murray

Introduction to Project Management approach

MS introduced himself to other members and provided a brief outline on his project management approach.


Martyn Shenstone

AOCB & Next Steps

CM advised that the Work Plan and Principles Document will be shared with members for their comments and feedback to be sent to Secretariat before next NABR meeting in March. 

Carolyn McDonald



NABR Actions



RAG status

Further call to membership for suggested revisions to the proposed minutes of the advisory board meeting on the 10 December 2020 and 20 January 2021. 


Due 26 February 2021


To publish finalised minutes of the advisory board meeting on the 10 December 2020 and January 2021 before next board meeting on the 24 March.


Due 23 March 2021


To send updated driver diagram with aim.


Not completed

Rehabilitation policy team to discuss with Jan Beattie and team the development of a rehabilitation guide for care homes.


Rehabilitation policy team


Follow up one to one meetings with Bette.


Secretariat to arrange meetings with Bette, Carolyn and Bryony with wider Board


To send thoughts on work sub-groups could deliver quickly and what initial priorities might be to Bette Locke, copying in Clinical Priorities mailbox.



To update Rehab Framework: Programme Plan (rehabilitation workstreams) paper in light of feedback from NABR members.

Rehabilitation policy team

Due 1 March 2021


To send updated (confidential) Rehab Framework: Programme Plan (rehabilitation workstreams) paper to NABR members.


Due 1 March 2021


To send comments/ feedback on Rehab Framework: Programme Plan (rehabilitation workstreams) paper to Document not to be shared outwith NABR membership.


Due 24 March 2021


Item on the agenda for next month’s NABR in March to be added around update from Care Homes Session.


24 March 2021

Call for nominations for a non SG member to be put forward for Vice Chair of NABR. Nominations to be sent to


24 March 2021


Engage with SG digital team around digital issue raised by Tara Quasim.

Rehabilitation policy team

24 March 2021


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