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Municipal glass contract

Published: 2 Apr 2018

Guidance for Scottish public sector organisations on how to access and use the collaborative contract.

2 Apr 2018
Municipal glass contract
Who can access: Named local authorities
Contract status: live
Dates of contract: 2 April 2018 to 1 April 2020
Category: Utilities - national


This is a collaborative contract for five local authorities, not a framework agreement.  There is no facility for any other organisation to join this contract.

What is in scope

This contract provides a solution for the treatment of recycled glass cullet collected by participating local authories either from the kerbside, from centralised collection banks or from commercial premises.

The contract also provides a transport option for councils who do not want to use their in-house vehicle fleet for municipal glass material either collected separately as amber, green and brown glass types or as a mixed colour collection.

Glass cullet is the industry term for recycled glass material that has not yet been processed into a higher value added material. 

The value added material may go to a variety of end uses that include re-melted into new containers, into fibreglass insulation materials or used as an innovative water filtration medium or an effective bedding material for pipes buries in the ground.

Who can use this

This contract can be used by:

  • Angus Council
  • Dundee City Council
  • Perth and Kinross Council
  • Scottish Borders Council
  • West Lothian Council


The key benefits of this collaborative contract include:

  • a 28% hard cash benefit
  • robust price review mechanisms which make use of industry standard indicators
  • sustainability benefits embedded in the contract including but not limited to modern apprentices, graduate placements, community enhancement and education support initiatives


Viridor Waste Management Ltd

Further information


For more information on the scope of this collaborative contract contact the Scottish Materials Brokerage Service mailbox: