Mortuary review group: response

Response to review the standard of all mortuaries across Scotland, as defined by the Public Health (Scotland) Act 2008.

Annex D: Standards and Guidance


NHS Tayside Audit Tool
This document is available in MS Word format only (239 KB)

HealthCare Improvement Scotland Quality of Care Reviews

Healthcare Improvement Scotland 2016 Post Mortem Service Standards

UK Accreditation Service ( UKAS) - Clinical Pathology Accreditation Service

The Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006: A Guide to its implications for NHS Scotland

Forensic Pathology Standards - Code of practice and performance standards for forensic pathologists dealing with suspicious deaths in Scotland - January 2016


Health and Safety Executive ( HSE) 2003 Mortuary Infection Control Guidance

The Royal College of Pathologists - Guidelines on autopsy practice
This document is available in pdf format only (885 KB)

Mass Fatalities: Preparing Scotland: Dealing with mass fatalities in Scotland


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