Models of multidisciplinary working: international review

An international review by Rossal Research and Consultancy (RRC) of models of multi-disciplinary team working in rural primary care.



To identify and compare current models of multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working in rural primary care provision in a range of developed countries.


To provide context and comparative information on the contractual arrangements for MDTs in other developed countries to demonstrate what lessons can be learnt.


Structured interviews with key informants in a selection of identified developed countries.


  • Interviews with rural health providers were a very effective and rewarding method, despite the fact that it was rapid, and unstructured sample, with missing elements.
  • Participants had additional relevant information, not available in the formal literature. The process sparked interest and goodwill amongst participants who all agreed to be co-authors on the report.
  • The Issues in rural primary care are complex, and so are the solutions. Rural health care delivery is a challenge everywhere, not just Scotland.
  • Culture and context are important in relation to health service delivery, and it is difficult to change established practices.
  • Necessity drives change. The most challenging environments often have the most innovation. There is much to be learnt from indigenous health delivery models in relation to multi-disciplinary team working.
  • There are specific examples of excellence that Scotland can learn from.



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