Minority ethnic recruitment toolkit

A toolkit to support employers in recruiting from minority ethnic communities.

Strategic direction

The strategic direction of your organisation should show an intention to increase diversity of the workforce. This may be encapsulated in a broader strategic aim covering other aspects of employment such as retention and progression. The objective should fit with other aspects of your diversity strategy. 

For example, for public authorities that provide public services, the objective could be linked to the need for the diversity of the workforce to reflect the diversity of the population they serve. If a service is delivered by staff without minority ethnic representation, this could create barriers and it is unlikely to engage potential minority ethnic clients or provide understanding of how to meet their needs.

Consider what actions have been taken to date to increase workforce diversity in relation to ethnicity. If this is limited then the following examples may provide a steer:

  • It could be expressed as an outcome for any recruitment campaigns that your organisation undertakes or the creation of a charter that shows the organisation's commitment to increase diversity of the workforce.
  • Senior managers should ensure increasing workforce diversity in relation to race is embedded in their internal policies and decision making processes - recruitment policies and processes will be key elements of this. 
  • Performance and actions against strategic diversity objectives should be assessed and measured.
  • Data gathered on the organisation's current workforce profile must be used to drive or initiate discussions and inform the development of organisational diversity goals and ambitions. (see section on Using Data) 

Leadership development for the whole organisation is important as there needs to be buy in and ownership, including commitment by senior management. All people managers, for example should also undertake Race Equality training which is offered by a number of diversity organisations.

It will help any recruiting manager if part of the strategic direction of the organisation is to increase workforce diversity and specifically in relation to minority ethnic people.


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