Ministerial Working Group on Mortgage Lending and Cladding: report - March 2021

Report and recommendations of the Ministerial Working Group on Mortgage Lending and Cladding.

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Ministerial Working Group on Mortgage Lending and Cladding

Secure a Single Building Risk Assessment

Provide funding for one assessment per building. Focus on those with known risk factors first.

Improve Information on Safety of Homes

Information will be available for residents and professionals, shifting the focus from point of sale to core information on a building.

Green Light Buildings

Green light acceptable buildings to free them from fire safety and mortgage lending worries.

Establish the Remediation Costs

Use the information to estimate remediation costs and identify priority buildings for action. Work with industry and others to develop shared support for remediation.

Develop Solutions for Remediation

Using this data and partnerships, develop remediation solutions that protect homeowners from unfair costs.

Monitor and Consider if New Legal Duties are Needed

Scottish Parliament should consider nominating a 'responsible person' for fire saftey in a building.

Review if Further Change is Required

Adapt to new information and take account of developments like Grenfell inquiry findings.



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