Ministerial appointments to public bodies: training pack for independent panel members

The recruitment process for many ministerial appointees is independently regulated by the Ethical Standards Commissioner, requiring compliance with the Commissioner’s 2022 Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies. This training pack is for independent panel members.

10. Key points to note

  • As a member of the selection panel, you should contribute to discussions at each stage of the appointment round – from planning the round right through to the recommendations to Ministers
  • As the independent panel member, you should be prepared to constructively challenge the views of fellow panel members and be alert to any conflicts of interests
  • You can raise any concerns you might have with the selection panel chair
  • The person specification and criteria are critical to the whole appointment process, and will drive the recommendations that the selection panel make to the Minister
  • Diversity should be built in to the appointments process from the earliest stage
  • Positive action has been proven to improve the number of applications from and the appointments of people in underrepresented groups
  • Criteria should not be unnecessarily restrictive, otherwise good potential applicants may be ruled out
  • Once the criteria for appointment are agreed they must not be changed.



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