Minimum unit pricing of alcohol : final business and regulatory impact assessment

Underlines the rationale for minimum unit pricing from health and economic perspectives, setting out anticipated costs and benefits for all parties affected by a minimum price of 50 pence per unit.

10. Implementation and delivery plan

10.1. Minimum pricing will be implemented by all licensed premises. Prior to implementation, the Scottish Government worked with retailers in order to identify how best to achieve implementation and discussed any issues which might need addressed. The Scottish Government is in the process of producing guidance on the implementation of minimum pricing in consultation with relevant parties such as retailers, wholesalers, producers, Licensing Standards Officers, Police Scotland and Licensing Clerks to the Licensing Boards. In addition, the Scottish Government has contributed funding to the SGF and the Scottish Wholesale Association for the production of marketing material and tailored guidance in order to raise awareness of minimum pricing prior to, and following, implementation.

10.2. As noted previously, the Act includes a provision requiring the Scottish Ministers to evaluate the effect of minimum pricing five years after it comes into force and to report this to the Scottish Parliament. Minimum pricing will end after six years unless the Scottish Ministers make an Order providing that it should continue in force. Annual reporting of trends in consumption, price and harm will continue as part of the MESAS portfolio.

10.3. The minimum price has to be set and remain at a level that is proportionate.


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