Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group: interim report - easy read

Easy read version of an interim report outlines the group’s work so far and provides a summary of possible steps towards a Minimum Income Guarantee.

What we know so far


We have seen lots of change and big events happen in Scotland that show there is not enough support for people that do not have the amount of money needed to be happy and healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic is an example.

The Scottish Government and UK Government should do more to help people that do not have enough money, lose their jobs, get sick or are treated unfairly because of who they are.

Some people or families need more money to be happy and healthy, this might be because they have a bigger family or have to pay more for the things they need, for example heating.

Disable people, single parents, women and people of colour are some of the groups more likely to be living in poverty. Poverty means not having enough money to pay for basic things like food or housing.

We think everyone living in Scotland should:

  • have enough money to buy food, live in a safe home, pay for heating and anything else that is important
  • get money or other support to make sure they can live well if they do not have enough
  • be able to work in a job they like and be paid fairly
  • have access to services that help them live well, work and feel safe (for example, free healthcare or cheaper childcare)
  • be treated the same as everyone else, have access to support and an equal opportunity to live a healthy and happy life
  • be able to get help easily if they need it



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