Marine publications: information on Scottish salmon and sea trout statistics

Background information on Marine Scotland's Scottish salmon and sea trout statistics, including publication scheme.

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Information on official statistics

The salmon and sea trout fishery statistics are published by Scottish Government in accordance with the code of practice for official statistics. Please visit About Statistics in Scotland for more information, and to download the Code of Practice for Publishing Official Statistics.

Publication scheme

Provisional statistics from the Scottish salmon and sea trout fisheries will be published in February/March. This provisional data provides the number, and weight, of salmon and sea trout caught on the east coast and the west coast by fishing method and year. This includes information for the most recent two fishing seasons with updates due to any new or corrected information received for the previous year.

The updated final Official Statistics for each Salmon Fishery District (1952-most recent season) and for each stock assessment area (2011-most recent season) are published in April/May each year. The final statistics include the most recent fishing season and any updates to historical data arising from further information that has been received since the previous publication. Reported fishery data (catch and net effort) from 1952 to the most recently published fishing season is available on the Marine Scotland’s data website.

A summary is provided of the fishery statistics for salmon and sea trout, and a topic sheet provides information on how they are collected. The data is presented together, with a commentary, which places the reports in the context of the time series of information, which has been collected since 1952.

The exact publication dates for the provisional and final statistics are pre-announced at least one month before publication, and future publication dates, may be found by checking  Forthcoming Publications.

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