Marine Fund Scotland 2024-2025: general guidance notes

Introduction to the Marine Fund Scotland 2024 to 2025. The Fund is focused on supporting projects that deliver outcomes relating to Scotland's Blue Economy Vision, published on 31 March 2022.

Annex C – projects/types of work Marine Fund Scotland 2024-25 funding cannot be applied for

The Marine Fund Scotland 2024-25 will not accept applications for funding for:

  • the replacement of creels or basic design changes such as development of escape hatches.
  • like-for-like replacements or routine upgrades of fishing gear. However, at this stage we will consider applications for funding to support the development/adaptation of gear and fishing techniques to reduce impacts on biodiversity and/or natural capital (e.g. improving selectivity), and/or reduce carbon emissions.
  • meeting the costs of statutory requirements (business costs associated with meeting legal requirements, e.g. fishing vessel safety surveys, Emergency Position Reporting Beacons, etc.). Support with costs for activities that go beyond simple compliance with the law may be considered. Applications for funding support for innovation or research and development where it applies to the development of new technology or techniques which introduce efficiencies in meeting statutory requirements may also be considered.
  • the purchase or acquisition of fish quota entitlement.
  • development or other costs that the organisation or business (i.e. the applicant) could reasonably be expected to cover themselves, such as those for consumables.
  • direct engine replacements or upgrades (i.e. diesel engine for diesel engine, or upgrading a diesel engine). However, at this stage, we will consider applications for funding to support the testing of novel engine technologies as part a study or trial to test feasibility and impact, and with the aim of receiving insights/data that can be used to guide decisions in future years of the Marine Fund Scotland on funding for engine replacements/modifications to support climate change mitigation.
  • cessation of fishing activities temporarily or permanently, unless otherwise agreed by the Scottish Ministers.
  • engaging in exploratory fishing.
  • transfer of ownership of a business.
  • costs of advertising or branding commercial products.
  • direct restocking, unless explicitly agreed by the Scottish Ministers as a conservation measure.
  • the construction or purchase of fishing vessels unless this investment is in respect to a first-time purchase of a fishing vessel or a share in a fishing vessel by new entrants (‘young fishers’).
  • the costs of purchase of land if these costs exceed 10% of the total expenditure of the project in question.
  • projects that do not comply with the WTO Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies.

Additional ineligible projects may be identified throughout the Marine Fund Scotland 2024-25. If you are unsure whether your project is eligible, contact us at before applying.



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