Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23: general guidance notes

General guidance notes for prospective applicants to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23, including information on who can apply and how to apply.

How do I apply to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23?

Applications to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23 should be completed in the dedicated Maritime and Fisheries Fund (MFF) e-system. This system is an interim solution for the financial year 2022-23 while a new applications portal is being developed. This means there are workarounds for some elements of the application.

In the case of any conflict between the declarations within the 'Compliance and declaration' section of the application form on the MFF system and the version of these General Guidance notes currently in force for the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23 at any given time, the terms of the version of these General Guidance notes currently in force shall prevail.

Please register on the MFF e-system, complete the online application form, and ensure that all relevant documentation is attached before submitting your application. After you submit your application on the e-system, please print your application, sign it where requested, and e-mail a scan of the signed copy to After you have completed these two steps, we will e-mail you to confirm that we have received your application.

If the application you submit is incomplete, it will be put on hold and will not be progressed until you have provided us with all of the information that is required. We will send you an e-mail to let you know we have had to put your application on hold, and what further information we need to process your application. When you have provided the further information and we consider your application complete, we will confirm by e-mail that your application has been take off hold and will be processed.

The 'Key information' section of these General Guidance notes sets out that any costs incurred between receiving a confirmation from us that we have received an application and (if an application is successful) receiving a formal grant offer letter are incurred at an applicant's (or their organisation's) own risk.

If you have any problems with, or questions about, the e-system feel free to contact the team at



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