Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23: general guidance notes

General guidance notes for prospective applicants to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23, including information on who can apply and how to apply.

Introduction to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23

The Marine Fund Scotland for 2022-23 is focused on supporting projects that deliver outcomes relating to Scotland's Blue Economy Vision, which was published on 31 March 2022.

These General Guidance notes set out information for people and organisations interested in applying to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23. This includes information on:

  • Scotland's Blue Economy Vision
  • the outcomes the Marine Fund Scotland aims to deliver
  • what types of projects can and cannot be funded
  • how to apply
  • what information you need to apply
  • how applications will be assessed

In these General Guidance notes:

  • "You" means the applicant. "Applicant" means (as appropriate) the individual, business (including sole traders), organisation, charity, community group or other incorporated or unincorporated entity which is intended to benefit from an application for a grant and to whom the grant would be made. You can employ an agent or consultant to help you complete your application but you must sign the application.
  • "We" or "us" means the Scottish Ministers (which, for this purpose includes (where appropriate) the Scottish Government's Marine Scotland Directorate and any of the Marine Scotland Directorate's officials, agents or representatives).
  • A "public law body" is an organisation financed, managed or supervised by the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government or Northern Ireland Executive.

The information provided in these General Guidance notes should be taken as a guide to the grant funding available. If you have further questions after reading these Guidance notes, you can also contact us by e-mailing us at



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