Marine education: about Marine Scotland

Documents relating to the history and current practice of Marine Scotland, a directorate of the Scottish Government.

The attached documents contain a host of information about Marine Scotland and its history.

Marine Scotland itself was only formed in April 2009, but the documents below covers everything from the history of marine and fisheries science in Scotland to the role of Government in marine and fisheries and the role of Fisheries Protection. Marine Scotland and its predecessors also have a long fleet history, with both research and patrol vessels at the heart of their work.

There is also information about the range of work that Marine Scotland currently undertakes, including fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewables, marine planning, recreational and freshwater fisheries and emergency response, to name but a few.

You may also wish to view pictures of the Marine Scotland fleet on our Flickr site.

Marine education: history of the Marine Scotland fleet
Build your own marine patrol and research fleet



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