Marine and fisheries compliance: site inspections monitoring acoustic deterrent devices

Number of acoustic deterrent devices (ADD) in seawater fish farms identified in inspections by Marine Scotland.

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Inspections of seawater fish farms are undertaken to identify the use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADD), in line with the “Aquaculture Code of Practice: Containment of and Prevention of Escape of Fish on Fish Farms in relation to Marine Mammal Interactions.” Mandatory standard 8 in Section 2.2. of the Code requires fish farmers to consult with MS if they plan to deploy an ADD and to obtain any relevant consents or to demonstrate that the planned use will not harm marine mammals. The presence of an ADD may not be an offence under the Code unless it is deployed.

Inspections are usually unannounced using our inshore patrol vessels or Marine Protection Vessels (MPVs).



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