Management Proposals of Inshore Fisheries Groups

Consultation on the initiatives developed by Inshore Fisheries Groups with the potential for environmental impact.

Next Steps

Marine Scotland invites views on the environmental impact of the management proposals outlined below by 10 October 2013. These views will then be summarised in an "outcome of consultation" document.

There is no commitment on the part of Marine Scotland to implement or legislate for the proposals contained in this document. However, Marine Scotland, as part of its continued support for IFGs, will be making funds available to support activities and projects that the IFGs have identified in their management plans.

Funds will be allocated subject to an application being approved by a panel comprising representatives from Marine Scotland Policy, Marine Scotland Science and Seafood Scotland. Funding will not however be released for proposals outlined below until the SEA process is completed and any relevant views have been considered.


We are inviting written responses to this consultation paper by 10 October 2013.

Please send your completed response to:


Inshore Fisheries Groups
The Scottish Government
Marine Scotland
Area 1B - South
Victoria Quay

The Scottish Government may make the responses to this consultation paper available to the public and to the Scottish Parliament. We will acknowledge responses and may publish an analysis of the responses after the consultation. If you respond to this consultation you are requested to complete the enclosed responded information form attached at annex B. This will ensure that we handle your responses appropriately.


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