Management of shared fish stocks: coastal state agreed records 2023

Agreed records of coastal state consultations on the management of shared stocks in the north-east Atlantic in 2023.

Agreed record of conclusions of fisheries consultations between the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom on the management of the Norwegian spring-spawning (Atlanto-Scandian) herring in the north-east Atlantic in 2023

4 November 2022

1. A delegation from the Faroe Islands headed by Herluf Sigvaldsson IGVALDSSON, a delegation from Iceland headed by Áslaug Eir HÓLMGEIRSDÓTTIR, a delegation from Norway headed by Vidar LANDMARK, a delegation from the Russian Federation headed by Anna SHULAEVA, and a delegation from the United Kingdom headed by Will FRANCIS met in London on 14 October 2022 to consult on the management of the Norwegian Spring-Spawning (Atlanto-Scandian) herring stock in the North-East Atlantic in 2023.

2. A delegation from the European Union headed by Thomas BREGEON and a delegation from Greenland headed by Iben FUNCH DØJ, attended the meeting as observers.

3. The delegations noted that the agreed long-term management strategy for Norwegian Spring-Spawning (Atlanto-Scandian) herring dated 6 November 2018 is regarded by ICES as consistent with the precautionary approach (Annex I). According to the strategy, there should be a review no later than 2023, in time for ICES to issue advice for 2024. The delegations agreed that this review needs to be coordinated with plans for benchmarking in ICES, and the Parties will return to the issue of a review and the planning and preparation of this during 2023.

4. In accordance with the ICES advice, the delegations agreed that the level of catches of Norwegian Spring-Spawning (Atlanto-Scandian) herring in North-East Atlantic for 2023 should be no more than 511,171 tonnes. The delegations agreed that establishing unilateral quotas for 2023 does not in any way imply the acceptance of the level of these quotas by any Party.

5. All Parties expressed a genuine willingness to continue addressing the issue of a new quota sharing arrangement and underlined the need to reach such a new arrangement in order to achieve a comprehensive, sustainable management of the stock.

6. The delegations agreed that the Parties will meet in January 2023 to address the issue of a quota sharing arrangement for the imminent future.

7. The delegations encouraged the Parties to develop and coordinate their scientific research activities in order to improve the information available for the assessment and the management of this stock.

8. The delegations welcomed the outcomes of the 2022 Working Group on the distribution of Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring in the North-East Atlantic and the Barents Sea, and agreed to update this report in 2023, chaired by Iceland.

9. The delegations exchanged final quota and catch information for 2020 and 2021 as well as preliminary information for 2022 (Annex II). The delegations also exchanged information with regard to their fishing activities, including exchanges and access provisions (Annex III).

10. The delegations agreed to continue to provide information in the same format as set out in Annex II and Annex III to this Agreed Record. Each Party shall by 1 May 2023, provide updated information in this regard to Iceland as host of the consultations for 2024. The chair shall forward this information as soon as possible to all Parties to this Agreed Record.

11. The delegations agreed that the Parties may fish Norwegian Spring-Spawning (Atlanto-Scandian) herring within their quotas in their respective zones of fisheries jurisdiction and in international waters.

12. The delegations agreed that further arrangements by the Parties, including arrangements for access, quota transfers and other conditions for fishing in their respective zones of fisheries jurisdiction, are regulated by bilateral agreements.

4 November 2022

Will Francis

For the Delegation of the United Kingdom

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