Employee conduct: NHSScotland PIN policy

This Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy is not in use after 1 March 2020. Policies in force after 1 March 2020 are on https://workforce.nhs.scot/policies

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Annex E: Example Scheme of Delegation

1 Formal Warnings

The authority to issue a formal warning to an employee is vested in the employee's next-in-line manager or above.

2 Dismissal

The authority to dismiss an employee is vested in direct reports to Directors.

If an employee is a direct report of the Chief Executive and the Chief Executive made the decision to dismiss, the Appeal Panel will consist of 3 non-executive Directors of the Board.

3 Appeals

Appeals against a formal warning will be heard by a line manager at least one level above the manager who issued the formal warning.

In instances of dismissal, the right to appeal will be to a panel which should consist of senior managers of the Board - e.g.:

  • Chief Executive
  • Other Executive or Corporate Director
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Directors/Senior Managers

(A senior member of the Human Resources function will be in attendance to provide advice and support to the panel).


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