Making it Easy

A health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland

Foreword from the Cabinet Secretary

Alex Neil

Alex Neil, MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing

Health literacy is about people having enough knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to use health information, to be active partners in their care, and to navigate health and social care systems.

Health Literacy is being increasingly recognised as a significant public health concern around the world. So I am delighted that Scotland, with its ethos of innovation and collaboration, is in the vanguard of efforts to meet this global challenge.

Making it Easy sets out an ambition and the means for all of us to live well, on our own terms, and with any condition we may have, by making sure that health and social care services cater for each of us - regardless of our abilities.

Scotland's 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care focuses on prevention, anticipation and supported self management. Addressing health literacy is at the heart of our commitment to delivering a safe, effective and person-centred healthcare system.

Closing the gap between the demands of modern healthcare and people's abilities will help to reduce health inequalities, and strengthen the wellbeing of both individuals and communities.

Making it Easy, the National Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland, has been developed with a national group, which has drawn on the expertise of front line practitioners, policy makers, academics and those with years of experience with NHS boards and the third sector; they in turn drew on the direct experience of those who have struggled to engage with health and care services.


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