Mainstreaming equality outcomes: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the public consultation on Social Security Scotland's first equality strategy which ran between 7 November 2019 to 6 February 2020.

Appendix B - Consultation questions

1. The following questions were asked for each outcome.

2. Do you feel this outcome meets the needs of protected groups? (Yes/No)

3. If you answered No, can you please outline how the outcome could be improved to meet their needs? (If appropriate, please make clear, which protected characteristic you are referring to?)

4. Do you feel that the supporting activities stated will help achieve the stated outcome (Yes/No)

5. If you answered No, what types of activity are missing that we could do to make an impact on delivery of this outcome?

6. Do you feel that the measures of success stated will help Social Security Scotland measure the progress of this outcome? (Yes/No)?

7. If you answered No, what are your concerns, and can you identify any further measures we should use?

8. More general questions were asked to inform the wider development of the Equality Strategy

9. Do the outcomes stated target the areas of most relevance for Social Security Scotland (Yes/No)

10. If you answered No, what further outcomes would you suggest and why?

11. Are there any specific inequalities that you would wish to highlight that are relevant to the delivery of social security benefits? Any information or evidence you can provide or signpost us to will be greatly appreciated.

12. Do you have any other comments or suggestions on our approach to equality?



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