Local Living and 20 Minute Neighbourhood - draft planning guidance: consultation analysis

We consulted on the Local Living and 20 Minute Neighbourhood: draft planning guidance between 27 April and 20 July 2023. The 10 consultation questions aimed to gather a broad range of public and stakeholder views on each element of the guidance.


1. GIS stands for geographic information systems and includes geospatial data that can be accessed for free through the Scottish Government and other public bodies.

2. An example of a housing Pathfinder project in Scotland

3. An isochrone map in geography and urban planning is a map that shows the area accessible from a point within a certain time threshold.

4. Research on Delivering Design Value by UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence

5. Green and blue infrastructure (GBI) refers to the natural spaces and features in our landscape, that when connected, deliver quality of life and environmental benefits for communities and the nature that thrives in them. Parks, gardens, rivers and trees are all examples of GBI.

6. An introduction to the sustainable travel hierarchy

7. Responses are published on the Scottish Government’s consultation website


Email: Chief.Planner@gov.scot

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