Local Government Allocation Statistics (Green Book) archive

Previously published versions of the Scottish Local Government Finance ‘Green Book’.

This page contains archived versions of the Scottish Local Government Finance ‘Green Book’ which sets out in detail the data, methodology and calculations underlying the distribution of funding between local authorities.

For the latest version of the Green Book, please see the local government finance statistics webpage.

This page contains copies of the Green Book between 2016-17 and 2021-22, and copies of the Green Book prior to 2016-17 reports are available on an archive.


Green book 2021-22
Green Book 2021-22 tables
Green book 2021-22: annexes


Green book 2020-21
Green Book 2020-21 tables
Green book 2020-21: annexes


Green book 2019-20
Green Book - 2019-20 Tables
Green book 2019-20: annexes


Green Book 2018-19
Green book 2018-19: tables
Green book 2018-19: annexes


Green Book - 2017-18
Green book 2017-18: tables
Green book 2017-18: annexes


Green Book 2016-17
Green Book 2016-17: tables
Green book 2016-17: annexes

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Data collected in 2020
Building Control 2021
Burial grounds and crematoria 2021
School hostels 2021
Teacher remoteness and distant islands allowance 2021: data
Local authority map: map


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