Local government 2019-2020 provisional outturn and 2020-2021 budget estimates – capital expenditure

This publication summarises the 2019 to 2020 provisional outturn and 2020 to 2021 budget estimates for local authority capital expenditure.

Related Publications

Revenue Provisional Outturn and Budget Estimates are published through the Revenue POBE publication, available at www.gov.scot/collections/local-government-finance-statistics/#provisionaloutturnandbudgetestimates(pobe)

Final, audited local government finance statistics are published in the Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics (SLGFS). The latest SLGFS was published in February 2020 and provided final, audited figures for 2018-19. Previous SLGFS publications are available at www.gov.scot/collections/local-government-finance-statistics/#scottishlocalgovernmentfinancialstatistics.


Email: lgfstats@gov.scot

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